• Abstract submission deadline: August 5, 2022
• Abstract author notification: August 12, 2022
• Deadlines and registration fees1 (according to type of participant and date):

1Registration fee includes full access to the meeting, coffe breaks, lunches (3) and welcome cocktail.

An official proof of the corresponding status must be submitted.

The registration procedure is different for participants coming from abroad or from Argentina. In both cases, participants must send the transaction receipt to the e-mail: slatcc2022@fbcb.unl.edu.ar. The mail should contain name, IC, and address, affiliation, country and category of participant. In case of graduate or postgraduate students, an official proof of the corresponding status must be submitted. If necessary, the corresponding invoicing information should be detailed.

Registration from abroad:

Through the following link: https://servicios.unl.edu.ar:443/mdcobro/botonpago/07c5807d0d927dcd0980f86024e5208b

In the first section, participants should write down their personal information and the category for payment. In the next section, they should select as payment method “Acreditación Inmediata” and then “Pluspagos” – Pagar online. Then the credit or debit card details should be completed, and after confirmation of payment a transaction receipt will be obtained.

Registration from Argentina:

Payment should be made in Argentinian pesos by bank transfer, to the following bank account:

Name: Universidad Nacional del Litoral – Adm. Central
Bank: Credicoop Coop. Ltdo.
Bank branch: 340
Type: Cuenta Corriente
Number: 24819/9
CBU: 19103406-55034002481996

The amount to be transferred must be calculated taking into account the type of participant and the official exchange rate of USD dollar (for the sale) from Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA, www.bna.com.ar) corresponding to the day of the transfer. PAIS tax and RG N°4815 will not be applied.