Santa Fe city was founded in 1573 and it is the capital city of the province which bears the same name, being one of the first urbanizations in our country.

After 448 years since its foundation, it has become the seventh Argentine city with the largest population. It has also one of the longest coastlines in Argentina (12 km) bordering the Setubal lagoon. One of its main tourist attractions is the Hanging Bridge, which connects the East and West coast of this lagoon.

It is a coastal city with a harbor that was declared “Puerto Preciso” in 1672 by the Spanish Crown. Santa Fe port can operate both with barges and with overseas ships, representing a factor of economic reactivation in permanent and favorable evolution, since it is located in the heart of the agricultural-livestock production area.

In addition to all activities that can be done in a river-surrounded city, such as fishing excursions and catamaran trips, Santa Fe offers many cultural attractions, varied gastronomy options and rich history which can be appreciated in museums, historical buildings, churches and convents.

Santa Fe city is a place open to all senses, where river and nature mix up with the urban environment, offering the possibility for amusement, adventure and relax at any time of the year.

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