The venue for the scientific part of the conference will be the Rectorado of Universidad Nacional del Litoral. The Rectorado building, whose construction was completed in 1935, houses the administrative and governing bodies of UNL. This fine building has played host to events that have been real milestones in Argentina’s political, institutional and academic life, among which we can mention the 1957 and 1994 Constitutional Reform Assemblies whose members convened at the Paraninfo hall. Rectorado and the UNL’s School of Law and Social Sciences are located in the same historical block in the heart of downtown Santa Fe and were designated as listed buildings in 2017. ( 

The main lecture hall will be the Paraninfo Hall of the Rectorate. It is the place of the highest governing body of the University. The UNL Paraninfo was inaugurated on April 23, 1938. Located in the centre of the Rectorado floor, it has been, since its inauguration, the meeting place for the University Assembly. Its location reaffirms the public dimension of the University since it is a meeting space where different activities have been carried out that show the relationship between the university and society. It has hosted events that marked the country’s history, such as the Constitutional Reforms, and it is a privileged setting for artistic, scientific, and cultural events that enrich our cultural heritage. (