The CAC is a biennial conference that has a well-established tradition. The beginning of the CAC meetings dates back to the 1978s and the events have continued uninterrupted moving throughout the globe. This first meeting was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and since then it has rotated among the continents aiming to reach scientists of all ages around the world. Europe has been home to the CAC on many occasions, covering different points of the continent from Spain to Hungary. In 1992, the CAC crossed the ocean and arrived in Montreal, Canada, being the first time outside Europe. After that, Seattle (Washington, USA), Águas de Lindóia (Brazil), Richmond (Virginia, USA), and Halifax (Canada) have been hosts of this prestigious conference.

Even though CAC is a biennial conference, a special edition was celebrated in Changsha, China, in 2015, to celebrate the 15th edition.

In 2020, the continuous cycle of CAC meetings was unfortunately interrupted as an unavoidable consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. To face the situation and provide a space to share work and experiences, it was celebrated online in 2021. Fortunately, in 2022, the very expected return to the face-to-face meeting was achieved with the 18th edition in Rome, reuniting more than 150 participants from all over the world.

In 2024, the CAC will cross the ocean one more time for the 19th edition which will be held in South America for the second time and, particularly, for the first time in Argentina.

The CAC is an international event that gathers more than 200 participants from different countries around the world. More than 300 works are usually presented as plenary lectures, keynotes, posters, and oral presentations, on varied topics such as spectroscopy and image analysis, theory and method development, omics, environmental analysis, and more.

Take a look at the long list of where the CAC was held!

CAC XVIII 2022 – Rome, Italy

CAC virtual edition 2021

CAC XVII 2018 – Halifax, Canada

CAC XVI 2016 – Barcelona, Spain

CAC XV 2015 – Changsha, China (XV Special Edition)

CAC XIV 2014 – Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A

CAC XIII 2012 – Budapest, Hungary

CAC XII 2010 – Antwerp, Belgium

CAC XI 2008 –  Montpellier, France

CAC X 2006 – Águas de Lindóia, Brazil

CAC IX 2004 – Lisbon, Portugal

CAC VIII 2002 – Seattle, Washington, USA

CAC VII: 2000 – Antwerp, Belgium

CAC VI: 1996 – Tarragona, Spain

CAC V: 1992 – Montreal, Canada

CAC IV: 1988 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CAC III: 1986 – Lerici, Italy

CAC II: 1982 – Petten, The Netherlands

CAC I: 1978 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands