Santa Fe City

Santa Fe, the capital city of its homonymous province, is strategically located since it is on the Mercosur route and can be easily reached from other large urban areas of the country. 

Since its foundation in 1573, Santa Fe has been the place where culture and history converge. In 1853, the National Constitution of the Argentine Republic was enacted in the city, and it is here where the Reform Conventions of 1860, 1866, 1957, and 1994 took place. These major historic events marked an important milestone and Santa Fe is now regarded as “the City of Conventions”.  

In addition to all activities that can be done in a river-surrounded city, such as fishing excursions and catamaran trips, Santa Fe offers many cultural attractions, varied gastronomy options and rich history which can be appreciated in museums, historical buildings, churches and convents.

Santa Fe city is a place open to all senses, where river and nature mix up with the urban environment, offering the possibility for amusement, adventure and relax at any time of the year.

Due to its location, infrastructure and tourist service, its friendly scale, the presence of three National Universities and diverse CONICET research centers, Santa Fe stands out for its potential as the host city for a wide variety of events.